Assembled puzzle boxes

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Confusing, unbelievable, unimaginable, magical, fabulous, incredible, are the words that come to mind when you have, for the first time, one of our puzzle boxes in your hands.
A real playful clockwork that stimulates the neurons and the imagination.
What is a puzzle box ?

A puzzle box is a concentration game that is played with the hands and the two cerebral hemispheres, the right one for creativity and experimentation, and the left one for calculations and pragmatic aspects. A real puzzle in 3 dimensions.

Already assembled, like a real Sherlock Holmes, let yourself be inspired by the fantastic inventiveness of our movements to decode the opening mechanisms.
Whether you want to keep your secrets inside, display them as an art object, make your brain work, or simply have fun, everyone can find magic and discover a form of hypnotic play.
Once enchanted by the magic of the mechanism, your hands and your mind surf in the flow. It is a way to let go while having fun.
Only observation, understanding of the mechanisms, patience, reflection, meticulousness, training and logic will get you through your puzzle box.