Puzzle box Mecanigma

Puzzle box Mecanigma NKD Puzzle - 1
Puzzle box Mecanigma NKD Puzzle - 2
Puzzle box Mecanigma NKD Puzzle - 3
Puzzle box Mecanigma NKD Puzzle - 4
Puzzle box Mecanigma NKD Puzzle - 5
Puzzle box Mecanigma NKD Puzzle - 6
Assembled by us!
Puzzle box Mecanigma NKD Puzzle - 1
Puzzle box Mecanigma NKD Puzzle - 2
Puzzle box Mecanigma NKD Puzzle - 3
Puzzle box Mecanigma NKD Puzzle - 4
Puzzle box Mecanigma NKD Puzzle - 5
Puzzle box Mecanigma NKD Puzzle - 6


Enigma box in 15 movements with gears and articulated mechanisms. Cut and assembled with the greatest care, in our workshop at "La Distillerie" of Lodève.Mecanigma requires 3D printing and laser cutting, the result of long hours of design. In addition, our puzzle-box requires a large workforce, more than 2 weeks for the assembly and adjustment of the various parts that compose it.

Series limited to 33 copies.

All copies have already found a buyer!

enigma  Médaille d'Or CLI Paris 2022

level of the puzzle




Mécanigma, a mechanical wooden puzzle inspired by Steampunk

This wooden jigsaw puzzle is a 15-movement box puzzle with gears and hinged mechanisms. It is composed of 541 pieces, all handmade and it has a combination lock.Inspired by the Steampunk universe, this enigmatic cube reflects the science fiction and imagined works of the cultural and technological movement of the 19th century.

In fact, it alone represents the industrial revolution, steam engines, eccentricity and the adventures of Jules Vernes.
Solving the enigma of the Mécanigma means plunging into an era of invention. While trying to decipher its mysteries, you will be impressed by the level of detail and the mechanical parts. No element is left to chance on this invention, just like the Steampunk current. If you like complexity and meticulousness, the wooden mechanical puzzle is for you!We estimate the difficulty level of the puzzle at 3 out of 5.

Finally, the Mécanigma was recognized by the magician Chris Ramsay who, in one of his videos, tried to open the box.

Mécanigma, the Steampunk puzzle box

Contrary to the kit version, this model is already assembled and mounted.
In other words, this version is a puzzle box. The use of the Mécanigma therefore lies essentially in the search for a solution to solve the mysterious equation.
You can play it solo or with several people, but be careful to get it right! Once the puzzle box has been solved, you will be able to display this creation at home.
This enigmatic game is also a decorative piece that will dress up your home perfectly.

Enigmatic cube Mécanigma, a unique work of art

Contrary to other models such as the Scriptum Cube which only required laser cutting, the Mécanigma is more ambitious.
This box was designed using 3D modeling software.
It was manufactured using CNC machines (3D printer for the plastic parts and laser cutting on wood for the body).
Between 120 and 150 hours of manufacturing were necessary to achieve this enigmatic creation. And it is on a qualified workforce that we relied to adjust and assemble the different pieces that make up this puzzle box.

Mécanigma also exists in a do-it-yourself version!

Assembled product dimensions: 16.8 x 17.1 x 16.1 cm

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Kevin J. Pajewski 2023-04-27

when will the assembled Mécanigma puzzle be available? notify me and put me on top of the list!


The assembled Mecanigma Puzzle Box is now available using follow link : https://nkd-puzzle.com/fr/1-mecanigma-3770013843372.html
Please consider a delay for delivery as we need to build it before shipment.
NKD Puzzle

Claude lantz 2023-02-11

Objet: mecanigma
page 22: je ne comprends pas où vont les 3 pièces 116 et le plongeur MP
page 24: pièces 116?



Les pièces 116 sont les goupilles qui viennent bloquer les blocs G9 et G10. leur emplacement se trouvent à l'intérieur de la boîte.

En espérant vous avoir répondu je vous souhaite une abonne journée.


Valentin Weber 2022-11-11

Dear Team at NKD,

I see that you are selling the Mecanigma puzzle box again, but previously it used to be a limited edition of 30 pieces that completely sold out. So how is it possible that the Mecanigma puzzle box is again for sale?

I am looking forward to your answer.

Valentin Weber


Dear Valentin,
Some of our products may have a limited editions, especially if we have them assembled. The Mecanigma you mentionned was indeed sold in a limited edition and it was assembled.
However, we also sell our products in kits.
NKD Puzzle


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