NKD puzzle is a social, ethical, responsible eco-enterprise, labeled " artisan d'art" and "French manufacturing".
It is no coincidence that we chose to locate in a cultural and social city, such as Lodève, located 50 km north of Montpellier.

We are very committed to the fight against deforestation, zero waste and use only natural French materials such as poplar wood that grows in Auvergne or birch, from channels where reforestation, biodiversity, renewal of species, respect for trees are included in the environmental charter of our suppliers.
(FSC label (Forest Stewardship Council) and the PEFC label
(Programme for the Endorsment of Forest Certification Schemes).)

In constant evolution, we seek to make constant progress by improving our manufacturing processes and continually investing in research and development. Whether it's for materials, the precision of the cuts, the creation of ever more grandiose, enigmatic and magical boxes, there is no shortage of daily challenges.

Our biggest challenge is to offer all our puzzle boxes in kit form, to assemble yourself, in order to make them accessible to all those who want to enter the NKD Puzzle universe.
Thanks to our ideas, our values, our commitments, our creativity, our performance and our dynamism, we are proud to have obtained in 2021 the VSE award of the Occitania region.

Our will to improve is concrete, in 2020 we bought our main supplier of raw materials, JR plywood whose manager was retiring, to be sure to continue to use the same quality of wood, which helps preserve French forests, an eco-responsibility and a "made in France" that we hold dear.

Our history, a story of magical realism!

In 1996, I met Christophe (Allias Neo) at the High School, but it is only several years later in 2004 that a bond of friendship is really created and that our story begins.
At the time I organized some events in an associative framework and I needed people to set up festivals. Christophe then in fine arts, passionate about magic and puzzle boxes came to join me to bring me his help.
In parallel I was following an initiatory course as a journeyman mason, which made me travel all over the world for 10 years.

Our paths separate, the time of the journey and recross in 2017.
Decided to change profession, I train in hypno therapy in Montpellier in a center next to Christophe's home who hosts me the time of the training. Our common passion, magic, brings us together. I discover with wonder the prodigious Mecanigma and its 15 movements, a difficult level puzzle box inspired by Jules Vernes' fantasy universe, the Steampunk.
Completely hypnotized by the concept I propose him to market the Mecanigma.

This is the beginning of our association and our incredible Odyssey.

In late 2017, we launch our project within a business incubator "Context art" and make our first show in Lodève to present the models of our future puzzle boxes. 
 <That's it! The first sales arrive, the manufacturing is done in the "Fablab" of Montpellier, the demand increases, we invest in a laser cutting machine to be able to create the wooden pieces and realize by hand, ourselves, the construction of the puzzle boxes from A to Z.

The assembly of the boxes takes time, so we are thinking about offering a first DIY puzzle box, allowing us to offer fans of the genre more accessible boxes in terms of price, thanks to the time saved on the assembly of the many pieces of a puzzle box. This is the Silver City, inspired by the world of a Belgian comic book that takes you to a fantastical, symmetrical world on a palindromic, futuristic planet, Nogegon, which is also the title of the comic book, that goes to pieces.

The 144 parts and 9 movements of the Silver City are simpler to imagine in kit form and easier to rebuild with its 6 hours of assembly than the Mecanigma which has 541 parts, 15 movements and 150 hours of assembly.

We are looking to make ourselves known, it's good timing, an ephemeral store in Montpellier "Limited Editions", in which we exhibit and sell our creations, allows us to exhibit in February 2018 at the games festival in Cannes.
This is also the opportunity to put our website "nkd-puzzle.com" online.
It is only the year after in 2019 that on the same show, a stroke of fate happens as if by magic, we meet the company Iello who wants to distribute our products in 70 stores.

As a result of this contract, in July 2019 we create our company, NKD Puzzle is born.

In October 2019, a new magic trick will take us from dream to reality.
Chris Ramsay, a Canadian magician with 4.6 million subscribers on YouTube, buys the Mecanigma box. In just 10 days more than 2 million views (6.5 million 18 months later) on the video, which presents a script of the opening of the 15-movement box, the rarest in the world, highlighting the creations of NKD Puzzle all over the planet.

The success of Mecanigma imposes the creation of its kit to assemble the puzzle box yourself and make it accessible. But the mission is titanic and complicated to be able to come up with a clear and above all feasible assembly process.

"We need to be able to offer the assembled puzzle boxes in a limited edition for collectors and in a kit for a wider audience."

To achieve this improbable technical challenge, we are doing in March 2020 a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule to raise funds and create the Mecanigma kit.
The goal has been reached, the Kit is now available!

In November 2020, the French mentalist Fabien Olicard, with 2 million subscribers tries his turn at opening Mecanigma, his video makes 1 million views in 7 days.
Our unimaginable fame is now global, our community is growing, and an abracadabratic puzzle box is coming in January 2021.

Architecto, the most incredible and difficult puzzle box in the world ever created by Neo, made in a limited edition, only 44 copies, a feat of inventiveness and enigma with 116 moves required to open it, is available for sale.

Inspired this time by the universe of Maurits Cornelis Escher where the infinite, the multidimensional and the impossible embark us in a sibylline city where a mysterious quest filled with improbable enigmas awaits.
Our quest to us is to achieve the unthinkable, to perfect the Architecto kit and its 900 pieces to be nested with each other. In March 2021 we are doing a new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to create this work of art.

Objective achieved again! The release is scheduled for March 2022.
Reserve your Architecto kit now and challenge your ability to achieve the impossible.

A success we owe to the growing community that supported us and allowed us to consider 2 great projects:
- The creation of a video game to solve digital puzzles.
- The development of a mobile escape GameSteampunk , the NKD truck Game is on its way!
And to expand the team already composed of 10 passionate employees.

Our team

Jéremy, Pierre and Guillaume our little manual geniuses at manufacturing and production whose precision gestures allow us to offer you puzzles boxes of exceptional quality.

Lea-Marie, at the heart of networks and SEO who ensures communication and community management, essential to grow our community and our reputation.

Leana and Allana, always in a good mood in sales and logistics to manage orders and deliver to you anywhere in the world.

Neo, Hugo and Julien three brains to make very complex instructions, without which no one would be able to assemble the puzzles boxes.

Pablo, Etienne, the pros of meticulous execution and assembly of the puzzle boxes that are sold assembled for collectors and puzzle lovers com Neo and myself, Julien, the 2 founders magicians at the artistic creation and at the helm of the ship to take you even further on a wonderful imaginary journey and transport you to other phantasmagorical universes, to come