Discover our wooden puzzle boxes and our ethical and enigmatic

Our items are all made in France using local craft traditions with environmentally conscious materials that are respectful to people and the environment. We started our company based on the friendship of three steam punk and fantasy-lovers.

We're passionate about magic, puzzles, engineering, crazy inventions, mechanisms, meticulous manual work, building, technology, and homemade slow-cooked casserole.
We're committed to a product truly Made in France, we do not use foreign suppliers or subcontractors.Between fantasy and science-fiction, our creations are pure imagination. Retro style mechanisms and contemplative inspirations coming from distant worlds fusing old and modern technology.

In order to share our pleasure to create and build, we propose kits to assemble yourself our products as we are part of the DIY world.

Everything needed to assemble our kits is always provided with the product and no additional items are needed.

« The design is brilliant and delightful, tactile, whimsical, and fun. The level of detail on the box is truly impressive, begging to be explored, and provides rewarding movement with palpable and audible feedback as it comes to life. »

The Mecanigma is a stunning vision brought to life by an enigmatic artist full of incredible ideas. » « Boxes and Booze »

Wooden Mechanical 3d Puzzle

Made in France

Puzzle Box
  • Puzzle Box

  Wooden puzzle
  • Wooden puzzle

Original and ethical gift
  • Original and ethical gift

decoration, creative leisure
  • decoration, creative leisure

  Do it yourself kit
  • Do it yourself kit

Fab lab Lodeve
  • Fab lab Lodeve

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