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This unique series is limited to 30 copies, 29 boxes have already found a buyer, only 1 Mécanigma remain. Last chance to Pre-order, manufacturing delay around 4 months.


Enigma box in 15 movements with gears and articulated mechanisms. Cut and assembled with the greatest care, in our workshop at "La Distillerie" of Lodève.

Mecanigma requires 3D printing and laser cutting, the result of long hours of design. In addition, our puzzle-box requires a large workforce, more than 2 weeks for the assembly and adjustment of the various parts that compose it.


Mecanigma puzzle is a steampunk inspired enigma. It opens in 15 steps minimum and has a combination lock.
This box was designed through a 3D software and the plywood is laser cut by CNC machines (3D printer for plastic parts.)

If you want to know more, read this review from one of our US customers:

reslolved by Chris Ramsay

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