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Secret box Silver City Luxe

  • Reference: Silver City LUXE
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Enigma box with 9 movements, sliding mechanisms.




Silver City Deluxe, an enigmatic design and ecological cube

Like its little sister the Silver City, the Silver City Deluxe is inspired by the Nogegon comic book, a world where symmetry and perfection come together.

Like this planet, this secret box reflects harmony, balance with an impressive level of detail. Each line and each piece has been designed to respect a perfect symbiosis.
The box incorporates 9 movements with sliding mechanisms.

In addition, this mechanical cube is made from quality raw materials such as poplar wood, padouk (an exotic African wood), ash and aluminum. Once in hand, you'll be impressed with the finished product, as the Silver City Deluxe also features black oak and mahogany inlay.

It is in particular this decor that offers a high-end rendering to the whole with perfect symmetry and a shiny surface. Finally, all materials are sustainable and come from sustainably managed forests.
Here, the ecological and eco-responsible dimension is marked. By purchasing one of the mechanical puzzles from NKD Puzzle, you are participating in an ecological and responsible approach.

How to play with the Silver City Deluxe puzzle box?

The Silver City Deluxe is an assembled puzzle box.
That is, you have to solve the mechanical puzzle before you can open the box.
Depending on your ability to find solutions, you could take 15 minutes or 2 hours! However, at NKD Puzzle we rate the difficulty level at 2/5. This mechanical wooden puzzle is therefore suitable for beginners and / or experienced.

This model is suitable for teenagers and adults.
This puzzle is more than a game, it is also a work of craftsmanship that took a lot of effort and work to come to life; - secret box: once the riddle has been found, hide your greatest secrets there. No chance they will be discovered!

You can play it solo, with others, and even give it as a gift to a loved one.

Pleasure and satisfaction guaranteed!

Made from top quality plywood, it's a 100% eco-friendly model.

Data sheet

  • Width

    10 cm

  • Depth

    10 cm

  • Matériaux

    Bois de peuplier, marqueterie véritable

  • Height

    10 cm

Specific References

  • EAN13