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Mega Pack

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The Mega Pack allows you to enjoy a generous discount on 5 of our flagship puzzle box kits.


The perfect pack to spend convivial moments with family or friends. The individual packaging makes this pack an excellent gift idea.

You will find in this pack :

An DIY Architecto kit
Assemble your lighted puzzle box inspired by Escher's works and find the 116 movements to open it.

A DIY Mechanigma kit
Assemble your steampunk puzzle box with complex mechanisms and unlock its combination lock.

A DIY Scriptum Cube kit
Assemble your mythical puzzle box engraved with texts taken directly from the Odyssey.

A DIY Silver City kit
Assemble your puzzle box with a minimalist and futuristic aesthetic.

A DIY Minipunk kit
Assemble your own steampunk puzzle box and piggy bank with gears and articulated mechanism.

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