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Full pack Steampunk

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Discover a generous promotion to discover the Steampunk universe Nkd Puzzle


If you're a fan of gears, parallel universes and building games, the Steampunk NKD Puzzle pack is for you.

We wanted to gather our games and puzzle boxes from a time-defying theme in one box.
It reflects a very confusing style that lets the imagination get lost between past, present and future, where futuristic machines have something backward.
Great writers have immortalized Steampunk in their science fiction stories such as Jules Vernes or Herbert George Wells and his famous novel The Time Machine.
This inspiring fantasy genre pulls you into the meshes of the fourth dimension and makes you discover strange inventions in an intriguing world.

Our pack consists of 3 games offered in kit form :
the Mini-punk
the Mecanigma
And the Toupunk, to assemble yourself, to build your own collection of objects with an offbeat aesthetic.

This pack is perfect for any adventurer who wants to get into DIY (Do It Yourself)and puzzle box making.

It features 3 games with different difficulty levels so you can progress. Start with the Toupunk, then practice on the gears and articulated mechanisms of the min-Punk and finish with the enigmatic Mecanigma.

NKD Puzzle rewards kit puzzle box addicts who want a complete collection by offering promotional packs.
By selecting the pack instead of the 3 sets separately, you benefit from a more advantageous rate like the Steampunk pack at 345€ instead of 384€.
The Toupunk, a spinning top unlike any other since it can also be used as a support to make rosettes, mandalas and hypotrochoids thanks to its notched wheels. The opportunity also to discover a cog mechanism.

Of level 2 ½ /5 it is aimed at both children from 7 years and adults.
The Mini-punk, assemble 48 pieces to build your piggy bank that requires compiling 5 moves to open. Level 3/5, medium difficulty, it is accessible to children from 7 years old accompanied by an adult for a fun, manual, construction game activity.

The Mecanigma, 541 pieces and a complex lock with multiple combinations to assemble to create an incredible puzzle box where the sequence of 15 movements will allow you to open it.

The journey will take you where you've never been, but be careful not to get stuck in another dimension, you may never come back!

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