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DIY Mythology Pack Nkd Puzzle

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For the pleasure of young and old alike, discover the intelligent and generous pack which contains a secret and mythical box, the Scriptum cube and a pyramid inspired by a real one that also plays a teasing game once assembled


What is the Mythology pack made of?

- The Pyramido

12 x 12 x 7.6 cm

Riddle difficulty level: 2/5

Made of poplar wood

Composed of 191 pieces, the Pyramido kit immerses you in the universe of the pyramids and Egypt. Use the instructions to assemble this sublime artisanal creation. A mummy and a wooden sarcophagus are included to animate the game, take the opportunity to create standing stories (especially suitable for children and teenagers).

- The Scriptum Cube

15 x 15 x 15 cm

Riddle difficulty level: 4/5

Made of poplar wood

A staple of the NKD Puzzle range, the Scriptum Cube is a real pleasure to play. Inspired by the Iliad and the Odyssey, this mechanical puzzle invites you to step back in time. It is a complex 18-movement piece made up of 349 pieces, all laser-cut and hand-assembled.

You will have to arm yourself with patience to build it. But once assembled, your mission will not be finished! You will have to defeat the Minotaur hidden inside and solve the puzzle to open the box.

Please note, these two games are delivered as a kit, and they are not assembled. You will have to assemble them yourself to discover their final appearance.

If you accept your mission, open the Scriptum cube puzzle box and defeat the minotaur!
Our games in addition to being ethical and solid carry within them fantastic worlds invented by Julien and Néo.

Mythology Pack, mechanical puzzles for young and old

Due to the level of difficulty of the puzzle, the Pyramido is more suitable for a child while the Scriptum Cube will be more suitable for an adult. However, there are no rules at NKD Puzzle, because the main goal is to have fun!

And why not share this pack with the family?

It is a creative and very fun activity to share good times.Finally, you can offer the Mythology pack to a friend who loves construction games, he will be delighted!

Do you prefer the assembled version? We sell the Scriptum Cube already assembled. No need to build it, you (will only have) to solve the riddle!

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