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KIT Silver City Luxe

  • Reference: KIT Silver City LUXE
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9-movement puzzle box with sliding mechanisms and marquetry.
Kit to be assembled. Everything is included in the kit (no need to run to buy glue...).

Build your Silver City with this kit version and have fun thwarting the traps of this enigmatic poplar plywood cube!

montage    level

Montage                        Level 


What is the Silver City manufacturing box?

This jigsaw puzzle to build is an enigmatic and symmetrical game. It contains 144 hand-made pieces that you will have to fit together. Unlike the already assembled version, this model allows you to build the Silver City yourself.

When assembling the puzzle, you will appreciate the symmetry and the fine details of this artistic creation all the more. To design it, Néo, the designer was inspired by the stories of Luc Schuiten, the Belgian architect, and more particularly by Nogegon, the palindromic planet with perfect symmetry illustrated in the comic book of the same name.

 We estimate the level of difficulty of the montage at 4 out of 5.
This game is more suitable for adults and people experienced in building games.

 Dimensions once the 3d puzzle is assembled: 10 x 10 x 10 cm

How to use the Silver City building kit?

The 3D puzzle Silver City in the version to be made offers you several possibilities of use:

- As a construction game: you like to start from scratch and give birth to artistic creations? The Silver City in kit form offers you just that. This game is delivered with 2 wooden plates on which the 144 poplar plywood pieces are placed. It's up to you to fit them together to recreate the Silver City. An instruction leaflet is provided to guide you.

- Animation game: once assembled, why not have fun opening the puzzle box and discover the wonderful city of the future?

- Artwork: once you've managed to reproduce the original model, you'll be proud of yourself! It will be a good reason to display your work at home and dazzle your friends!

Silver City in kit form, a handmade creation

Made in our workshop in Lodève in Occitania, this enigmatic cube to be built is 100% local and made in France. It is entirely made of poplar plywood. Each piece has been pre-cut with a laser so that it can later be assembled.

Data sheet

  • Width

    10 cm

  • Depth

    10 cm

  • Matériaux

    Bois de peuplier, marqueterie véritable

  • Height

    10 cm

Specific References

  • EAN13


KIT Silver City Luxe
Reviews about this product

Based on 5 reviews

    Published 04/11/2021 à 08:10 (Order date: 02/09/2021)

    Marqueterie dificile surtout lorsque l on a pas les outils demandés dans la notice de pose, Petites pièce de marqueterie très fragile est eu besoin dans recreéer d'autres

  • Eric G.
    Published 22/08/2021 à 16:07 (Order date: 24/12/2020)

    La version luxe est vraiment au-dessus. La marqueterie apporte vraiment un plus. Attention à bien poncer les pièces.

  • Etienne A.
    Published 21/08/2021 à 16:59 (Order date: 22/04/2021)

    Pour amateur de bricolage

  • Clément B.
    Published 28/09/2020 à 11:07 (Order date: 28/06/2020)


  • Christophe P.
    Published 26/09/2020 à 16:57 (Order date: 25/03/2020)

    Superbe. Une fois monté, un œuvre d’art.

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