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Multicube de SOMA

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Multi Cube de SOMA

The famous SOMA cube reviewed by NKD Puzzle!

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What is the Multi Cube de Soma wooden game?

The Multi Cube de Soma from NKD Puzzle is based on the famous SOMA Cube puzzle.
According to legend, the SOMA Cube was invented by the Danish poet and scientist, Piet Hein, during a class on quantum mechanics. The name of this ingenious creation is taken from a short story by Aldous Huxley, The Brave New World (1932), depicting a futuristic universe where SOMA is an extremely addictive drug, subjugating the citizens to total bliss.

Multi Cube de Soma is a puzzle composed of 7 magnetized modules that never repel each other, to be assembled to form a perfect cube (3x3x3).
Enjoy the addictive and aesthetic game of the French designer NéokiD.
Gold medal winning creation at the Lépine Contest 2022.

Proposed in kit to assemble yourself or assembled by us. The choice is yours!

How to play with the Soma Multi Cube?

Try to form the perfect cube (3x3x3) by assembling the 6 modules of four cubes and the unique module of 3 cubes. 240 solutions are possible.
Test different combinations and let your imagination run wild by creating multiple shapes (snake, turtle, sofa...). More than 500 possible figures!

What does the Multi Cube de Soma kit containt ?

The Multi Cube de Soma kit contains 317 pieces to assemble, with the help of the provided instructions, in order to build the 7 magnetic modules composing the Multi Cube de Soma.
The construction of the modules does not give any clues to solve the puzzle.

The kit includes:

  •     Instructions
  •     4 wooden plates of 73 pre-cut pieces
  •     1 tube of wood glue (25g)
  •     2 tubes of cyanoacrylate glue (6g)
  •     1 sandpaper
  •     122 magnets
  •     122 pieces of bioplastic

What does the Multi Cube de Soma look like when assembled by us?

Receive directly at home the Multi Cube de Soma already built by the team of NKD Puzzle. Mix the modules and play !

The Multi Cube de Soma is a handmade creation

Original creation of the designer NéokiD. The Multi Cube de SOMA is designed at the NKD Puzzle workshop located in Lodève (Occitanie).

It is made from laser-cut French poplar plywood with PEFC label. It contains magnets and 3D printed PLA parts.

In kit to assemble yourself or assembled by us, this game is designed to be solid and durable.

Suitable from 14 years old.

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