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Pyramido  a 3d teasing game nkd puzzle - 1

Pyramido a 3d teasing game

  • Reference: Pyramido Monté


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Pyramido 3D teaser

Taming games 9 boxes with srcophage and mummy removable.



What is the enigmatic Pyramido game?

Pyramido is a puzzle made of poplar wood
This 3D teaser is particularly fun and easy to access.
includes a mummy and a sarcophagus.

You will have the possibility to modulate certain pieces of the puzzle and imprison the mummy! This teasing game will appeal to children. Finally, this wooden pyramid is a good alternative to plastic toys, because it is a game that does not pollute. It was built and assembled with natural poplar wood. Each piece has been meticulously laser cut and assembled by hand.

How to play with Pyramido, the original NKD Puzzle creation?

The wooden Pyramido teaser offers several game solutions:
- Riddle box: discover the riddle of the pyramid and lock up the mummy! 
- Animation game: Some pieces are modular. You can bring the structure to life and invent a lot of amazing stories. For children, Pyramido is a field of experimentation that plunges them into the world of the Egyptians!
- Decor: this creation is also a work of craftsmanship. You can display it in your home once you build it.

Who is the Pyramido wooden creation for?

Children will be very fond of Pyramido. It's a fun and educational game.
With it, they will be able to develop their cognitive skills, their autonomy and their logical mind.
But it is also a perfect entertainment game with which they can have fun bringing their character to life.
Are you an adult? This craft game is also made for you!
Do not deprive yourself of our 100% ecological , fun and clever games. They guarantee fun for young and old alike!

Data sheet

  • Width

    120 mm

  • Depth

    120 mm

  • Matériaux

    poplar plywood

  • Height

    76 mm

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