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Pack Nkd Puzzle SteamPunk

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Are you a fan of gears and steampunk ?

Discover the Punk NKD Puzzle pack. A kit that includes fun and crazy construction games.



What is the Punk pack made of?

The minipunk

7,5 x 8 x 9 cm

Level of difficulty of the puzzle: 2/5

Difficulty level of assembly: 3/5

Made of poplar wood

Composed of 48 pieces, the Minipunk kit will take you into the world of gears and steampunk. Use the instructions to assemble this sublime artisanal creation. This mini puzzle box in addition to need a puzzle to be opened can be used as a piggy bank because there is an opening on the top of the box to insert your precious treasures.

The Toupunk

Level of difficulty of assembly: 1/5

Made of poplar wood

The Toupunk , just like the Minipunk , is inspired by the literary movement Steampunk highlighting the era of the industrial revolution. It is assembled on a mechanical wheel reminiscent of the era of steam engines. Spin the world of gears with this Steampunk spinning top.

Each piece has been laser cut and assembled by hand. Once assembled, the router is solid and easy to handle.

In addition to being ethical and solid, our games carry within them fantastic worlds invented by Julien and Neo.

Please note, these two games are delivered as a kit, and they are not assembled. You will have to assemble them yourself to discover their final appearance.

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