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Toupunk - Steampunk inspired spinning top nkd puzzle - 1

Toupunk - Steampunk inspired spinning top

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Steampunk spinning top with multiple functions, to assemble yourself




What is Toupunk?

Just like Mécanigma and MiniPunk, Toupunk is inspired by the Steampunk literary current which highlights the Victorian era, the industrial revolution and mechanical aesthetics with materials such as copper, wood, brass, leather, etc. This enigmatic creation in plywood is inspired by the fantasy genre.
It is assembled on a mechanical wheel that recalls the era of steam engines. Each piece has been laser cut and assembled by hand. Once assembled, the spinning top is solid and easy to handle.

Finally, the Toupunk is a nice minimalist and aesthetic piece that is part of an ecological approach. It is made of wood.
No polluting material was required.
It is therefore a sustainable and ethical game that responds to environmental issues.

The Toupunk, a mechanical spinning top that can be used in 3 ways

Multi-purpose, this mysterious creation invites you to discover its different facets! You can use it as a :

- Spinning top: spin it on itself and enjoy the mechanical movements of this spinning top like no other.

 - Construction game: this is surely the most interesting activity. This spinning top comes in a kit. In other words, you will have to assemble it yourself before you can use it. Have fun following the instructions in the manual to assemble this handmade creation piece by piece. Once assembled, you will be seduced by the final result!

 - Screen printing support: once the structure is assembled, use the wooden stencil to discover the surprising message that is hidden inside! It's a fun activity to do with your children, don't miss it!

Who is the Toupunk mechanical spinning top for?

This original spinning top is suitable for children from 7 and up as well as adults. As there is no age to have fun, you will be able to share this creation with your family. Have fun building it together! It's a fun way to share a good time with your loved ones.

You can also give it to a friend as a birthday or holiday gift.

Toupunk - Steampunk inspired spinning top
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Based on 7 reviews

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    Super et orihinal

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    Pas encore assemblée, mais le bois et la découpe sont de très bonne qualité. Vivement le montage, mais il faut attendre Noël !

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    Fun à construire soi-même.

    Merchant's answer

    Merci, votre commentaire est très appréciable, et nous sommes heureux d'avoir pu répondre à vos attentes

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    see other comments

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    Magnifique et de bonne qualité !

    Merchant's answer

    Merci pour votre retour, nous sommes ravis que cela vous plaise !

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