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Puzzle Scriptum Cube

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A puzzle box that tells a myth

Box enigma combination (18 movements) with mechanisms
sliding and genuine marquetry.

Assembled with the greatest care, in our workshop



A puzzle box that tells a myth

Join the world of Homer and Ancient Greece, and discover the kept secret of the Minotaur with this revisited wooden maze in the shape of a mechanical puzzle.

Why solve the Scriptum Cube puzzle riddle?

This 18-movement puzzle box is made up of 349 hand-crafted pieces.

More than a puzzle box, this innovation with ingenious cogs will allow you to develop your logical mind as well as your dexterity thanks to the finely studied mechanisms.
She was recognized by Chris Ramsay who, in one of his videos, tried to open the box.
To solve the puzzle, you will have to defeat the Minotaur. In fact, this wooden cube is covered with an ancient Greek text inspired by the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Throughout your journey, these clues will help you uncover the secret. But it is only with your spirit of observation, deduction and your concentration that you will succeed in solving the mystery of this enigmatic cube! This mechanical construction game for adults was designed and assembled by hand in our workshop in the South of France, in Lodève in Occitanie.

It is made from sustainably managed poplar wood. Therefore, this is a unique and strong piece that will last you for years if you take care of it! As for maintenance, be sure to keep Scriptum Cube away from moisture. This assembled puzzle prefers dry places.

Also available in KIT Scriptum Cube