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Carte Kit

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Mini articulated clamp kit, to be assembled without glue. Cut with the greatest care in our workshop at "La Distillerie" of Lodève.



what is the CardKit wooden game?

Are you a fan of construction and mechanics games? The CardKit game is for you! CardKit is an articulated gripper made of premium plywood. With this clip, you will be able to catch a lot of small, light everyday things like a sheet, a notebook, a pencil, etc. But your satisfaction will be felt in the construction, because this mini articulated arm is above all an assembly game! The CardKit is also a 100% eco-responsible game. It is made from high quality poplar plywood.
So this is a solid building game that will last you for years to come. Finally, it reflects artisanal know-how, as each piece has been meticulously laser cut before being assembled by hand by a member of our team. At NKD Puzzle, manual work, ecology and sustainable materials are at the heart of our concerns. This is why our creations like the CardKit are the result of long hours of research and assembly in order to provide you with satisfaction.

CardKit, a construction game

The CardKit is, as its name suggests, delivered as a kit. In this form it takes on the appearance of a mechanical motherboard, but when you put the parts together it transforms into a very nifty jointed clamp! So it's a clever and ingenious game. To assemble this creation, you won't need any glue! You just need to follow the instructions in the manual and take your time to fit the 9 parts together.

But you can also do without the manual, because according to our statistics 8 out of 10 people find the solution without instructions!

Who is the CardKit mechanical wooden game for?

This original card is aimed at children from 7 years old as well as adults. Since there is no age to have fun, you can share this creation with your family. Have fun building it together! It's a fun way to share a good time with loved ones. You can also give it to a friend as a birthday present or for a party.

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