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Divinatory spinning top nkd puzzle - 1

Divinatory spinning top

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Make your own oracle yourself with the Nkd puzzle divination spinner



What is the Divinatory Mechanical Spinner?


This little spinner is unlike any other. She has the power to deliver divine messages to you through her Oracle function. This is a great guide to help you solve your problems!

 The Divinatory top is also a small play and construction accessory. Opting for this model is a good introduction to discovering the collection of mechanical wooden puzzles NKD Puzzle. It is easy to build, very fun and affordable.

 Once assembled, this kit spinning top is an atypical decorative object. It is a DIY product that will be very pretty to display in a child's room or in a living room.

 Finally, the Divinatory spinning top is made up of 15 pieces, all laser cut and made of plywood. It is an ethical game that is suitable for environmentally conscious people, because the materials are durable and environmentally friendly.


 How to use the NKD Puzzle Divinatory spinning top?

 Enigmatic, this mysterious creation invites you to discover its different facets! You can use it as:

 - Top: spin it around and enjoy the mechanical movements of this magical top!

 - Construction game: build your own spinning top! Delivered as a kit, this game accessory must be mounted with the ability to turn. Follow the instructions in the manual and have fun putting the pieces together to give shape to this mechanical wooden router.

 - Oracle: On this spinning top, 4 messages are engraved by hand. Trust in the divine and receive the message transmitted from the hereafter. To do this, all you need to do is connect and spin the top, it will stop on one of the 4 words. Interpret the latter according to your feelings or your request.

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