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Extension of SERPENTO

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Modular snake fully articulated with elastic jaws (puppet type). Kit to assemble without glue. Cut with the greatest care in our workshop at "La Distillerie" in Lodève.



what is the Serpento kit?

To give more character to your wooden creation, this set of 6 additional modules is ideal. As the name suggests, it only fits the Serpento wooden game. In just a few manipulations, you will transform your Serpento into a creation of 27 cm in length!
But what is even more interesting is that you can combine these extensions and make your Serpento up to your own limit! These modules are therefore a way to infinitely personalize your favorite creation.

How do I attach the extension to the Serpento wooden game?

The Serpento extension kit is delivered in its small case accompanied by its instructions. To enlarge your enigmatic Serpento construction, all you have to do is: - unpack the wooden board with the additional parts; - read the instructions in the manual; - follow the assembly steps.

Serpento Kit, an artisanal production

Like all the pieces in our NKD Puzzle collection, the Serpento mechanical extension is manufactured manually in our workshop in the south of France in Occitanie. We use a premium wood, poplar to guarantee strength and resistance. Each piece has been meticulously laser cut and assembled by hand by a member of the NKD Puzzle team.

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