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Wooden game Serpento

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Modular snake fully articulated with elastic jaws (puppet type).

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The advantages of the enigmatic Serpento creation

The Serpento is a fully articulated modular creation with integrated spring jaws.
Mysterious, but no less fun, it will appeal to lovers of construction and mechanical games.
The Serpento do-it-yourself kit is also a zero waste game. Made from poplar plywood, it is raw and does not pollute. In addition, the materials are of high quality and solid, so it is the guarantee of a long-lasting game. Finally, you will also appreciate this mystical creation for its aesthetics. All the parts have been designed, cut and assembled by hand in our workshop "La Distillerie" in Lodève.
Quality is one of our priorities at NKD Puzzle That's why we pay special attention to the details of each of our creations.

Serpento Kit, a DIY game

Like all construction games from NKD Puzzle, the Serpento is delivered as a kit . In it, you will find a wooden board on which the 96 pieces that make up the construction set are cut. You will then have to detach them to start building the structure. A notice is also provided to give you a little help in the event of a running out of fuel. Once built, it will be a perfect object of animation. As it is articulated, you can use it to animate it and bring it to life in the middle of your other compositions. Finally, it can also be the subject of an artistic creation that you will proudly display in your home. The raw finishes and the assembly of all the pieces give it a timeless and artisanal side very appreciated.

Who is the Serpento machine building set for?

Serpento is for children from 7 years old . It is a fun building game, which promotes learning in the broad sense. A child can improve his concentration, exercise his logical mind through the search for solutions or learn patience. Are you an adult? This game is also made for you!
By the way, all NKD Puzzle products are aimed at "older children" because we believe that there is no age to have fun.
If you like to solve puzzles wacky, Serpento will be your best friend !

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