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Puzzle box Architecto

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in the process of creation

A real secret box very difficult to open

This is the most complicated puzzle box in our shop with 116 Movements to open it!!!




The challenge of the Architecturo puzzle box

To open this box, you will have to perform 116 movements, which is a real challenge! And that is the key word of this mechanical puzzle like no other, the CHALLENGE. If you're up to it, you'll be amazed at the level of complexity this enigmatic cube has demanded.
The impossible is also what inspired Architecturo. Moreover, this creation took its breath from the works of Maurits Cornelis Escher, a painter who had as a credo the combinations of the impossible and the exploration of the infinite.
This secret box represents with meticulousness and finesse a lively and enigmatic city in which people live in multiple dimensions next to each other, but without ever crossing paths.
It's also a way of winking at relativity, especially with the 3 stairs at the back of the box.
You will have as much pleasure in solving the puzzle as in immersing yourself in the universe of these multidimensional cities.

Architecto wooden mechanical puzzle, an architectural gem 1 year of work is what it took for our team to model this poplar plywood jewel!
And for good reason, this puzzle box is a very complex work that hides a lot of details and which is designed on the basis of a composition with a vivid imagination.

That's why we decided to create it in a limited series. Therefore, only 44 pieces are produced.
Architecto is also equipped with lighting.

Who is the Architecturo puzzle for?

As you will understand, Architecturo is the most complex and daring piece of the NKD Puzzle store.
Therefore, we estimate its puzzle solving difficulty to be 5 out of 5.
Therefore, we recommend it only to adults and more specifically to people who have already experienced some of our previous creations.