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Wooden construction set Boulix nkd puzzle - 1

Wooden construction set Boulix

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Christmas ornament to hang.

Kit to assemble without glue and to decorate. Ideal as a creative hobby during the next holidays.

Sphere 10 cm in diameter. Cut with the greatest care in our workshop at "La Distillerie" of Lodève.

Materials: Poplar plywood.

Dimensions: 10 cm

100% Made in France


Boulix wooden construction game

Are you a fan of creative leisure? Do you like taking your time to assemble original parts? Then, the Boulix has everything to please you!

What is the Boulix NKD Puzzle?

It is a construction set which, when assembled, takes the form of a wooden ball 10 cm in diameter. This game is delivered to you as a kit in which you will find a manual as well as the boards with the pre-cut parts. It's up to you to use your logic to fit together the 10 pieces of this mysterious wooden ball

La Boulix is ​​also an artisanal product, ethically made in our workshop "La Distillerie" in Lodève in the south of France. We used poplar plywood to create the Boulix. It is a strong, durable and non-polluting material, because it is 100% natural.

How to use the enigmatic Boulix creation

- Construction set: delivered as a kit, the Boulix must be assembled before it sees the light of day. A leaflet is also provided with instructions to follow.

- Decorative object: the Boulix is ​​also a wonderful artisanal art object. Once mounted, you will have only one desire, to display it proudly! You can hang it on a door or put it on a piece of furniture. And why not swap your traditional plastic Christmas decorations with zero waste balls for your tree?

Finally, when you have assembled the Boulix, you can also decorate it. Feel free to paint it or even draw on it. After all, it's a creative medium, so have your say!

which addresses the Boulix

Boulix craft creation is aimed at children from 7 years old and adults fond of creative hobbies. As a parent, you can also help your child with the construction and guide him through the steps. This is an opportunity to have a good time with the family and to strengthen the bonds around a creative activity.

For more choice, we also offer the Boulix in a mini version sold individually or in sets of 3!

100% Made in France.

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