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Puzzle box KIT Scriptum Cube nkd puzzle - 6

Puzzle box KIT Scriptum Cube

  • Reference: DIY Scriptum
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Box enigma combination (18 movements) with mechanisms
sliding and genuine marquetry.

level    montage

Riddle             Montage


What is the Scriptum Cube crafting kit?

Like the assembled version, this model of the Scriptum Cube is inspired by the ancient times and more particularly by the Iliad and the Odyssey.
That’s why you’ll find an ancient Greek text on the outside.

349 parts are contained in the kit. You will need to put them together to be able to form the original model of the Scriptum Cube. During construction, you will discover the ingenious cogs that gave birth to this enigmatic wooden cube. We estimate the difficulty level of the assembly to be 5 out of 5.

This game is most suitable for adults and people with experience in construction games. Dimensions once the 3d puzzle is assembled: 15 x 15 x 15 cm

How to use the Scriptum Cube wooden mechanical puzzle?

The 3D Scriptum Cube puzzle in a buildable version offers you several possibilities: - As a construction game: if you are a fan of construction games, you will be won over by the Scriptum Cube as a kit. With its 349 rooms, you will have enough to occupy your days at home.
This creation is both complex and very pleasant to assemble.
A notice is provided to guide you.
- Animation game: once mounted, why not have fun opening the puzzle box and defeating the Minotaur?
- Artistic work: when you succeed in reproducing the original model, you will be proud of yourself!
It will be a good reason to exhibit this unique creation in your home!

Scriptum Cube kit, an artisanal creation

This mechanical construction game for adults was designed and assembled by hand in our workshop in the south of France, in Lodève in Occitanie. It is made from sustainably managed poplar wood. Therefore, this is a unique and strong piece that will last you for years if you take care of it!

Each piece in this unique set has been meticulously laser cut to allow you to put them together and build a solid piece that lasts over time.

Data sheet

  • Width

    150 mm

  • Depth

    150 mm

  • Matériaux

    poplar wood

  • Height

    150 mm

Puzzle box KIT Scriptum Cube
Reviews about this product

Based on 9 reviews

  • Max W.
    Published 02/09/2021 à 10:22 (Order date: 16/07/2021)

    Perfekt. Super Qualität. Sehr gute Leistung vom NKD Puzzle Team.

  • Diego V.
    Published 27/07/2021 à 02:06 (Order date: 17/07/2021)


  • Romain M.
    Published 09/06/2021 à 23:46 (Order date: 31/05/2021)

    bonne qualité, bonne notice

  • Samuel S.
    Published 16/03/2021 à 18:14 (Order date: 18/02/2021)

    Kit tout juste terminé ! Belle qualité (bois et découpe) ; la notice est très bien faite et très explicite. Le « made un France » va très loin, jusqu’à la colle et le papier de verre ! Un grand bravo aux créateurs de NKD et merci !

  • Patrick G.
    Published 17/12/2020 à 10:46 (Order date: 07/12/2020)

    belle conception, belle qualité

  • Neil C.
    Published 11/12/2020 à 14:47 (Order date: 15/07/2020)

    A very satisfying model building experience. Clear, easy to follow instructions. Very precise cut parts. A great, self-build work of art to puzzle your friends and to display.

  • Paul K.
    Published 16/10/2020 à 12:19 (Order date: 24/09/2020)

    The Scriptum Cube is a wonderful piece of engineering. Not too hard to build as long as you take your time, check the diagrams and test-fit before glueing the parts together. Some parts require a good sanding down and waxing to ensure smooth movement. Some parts are fragile so care needs to be taken when removing from the frame, but there are spares provided of the most fragile components which is great. I love it, it looks amazing, is a great puzzle and has a very good space for storing things. My favourite puzzle box by far.

  • Romain D.
    Published 25/09/2020 à 18:50 (Order date: 11/07/2020)

    Le kit Scriptum cube a parfaitement répondu à mes attentes.

  • Neil C.
    Published 25/09/2020 à 18:09

    Excellent Puzzle. Fairly easy to assemble if you are careful and patient, and have three hands. You can pick your own code, so very versatile too.

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